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阿弥陀佛诞辰法会 | Amitabha Birthday Puja 2023

供养选项|Offering Options

法会有两大组的供养选项 |Offerings are split into 2 main categories:

A组|Category A

一般供养 (限阳上众生) | General offerings (strictly meant for the living). Suitable for yourself, other individuals or groups of other loved ones

供灯 | Light Offering - $10

供佛 | Offering to Buddha - $20

供寿桃寿面 | Longevity peach & noodles - $20

供水果花篮 | Fruit and flowers - $38

供如意斋 | Vegetarian meal- $100

供养善信们的名字将记录在如意斋条上。Each registrant's name will be recorded on a Prosperity Strip。

B组|Category B

超荐牌位 (限已故亲人眷属及往生众生) | Afterlife tablets (strictly meant for ancestors, loved ones who passed on and sentient beings in the lower realms of suffering)

登记大牌位需知 | Information required when registering for Big Ancestral Tablet

登记小牌位需知 | Information required when registering for Small Ancestral Tablet


*Note: Deceased individuals listed on a Big Tablet must have blood relations with you i.e. either a direct family member or relative. If you wish to bless a deceased friend, an animal/pet which passed on, or even an old neighbour who's no longer around, please register for a Small Tablet instead. You can also bless deceased members of your direct family or deceased relatives via the Small Tablet as well.

大牌位超荐 | Big Ancestral Tablet - $85

大牌位超荐一桌,提供斋菜及供品。可超荐历代祖先及先人。 This option is for family ancestors and loved ones who had passed on. Each tablet has a dedicated spot on the prayers table and accompanying vegetarian meal and other offerings.

小牌位超荐 | Small Ancestral Tablet - $15


The small tablet does not have a dedicated spot. Instead, the tablets will be placed on wood boards, while offerings are placed on the prayers table in a co-sharing manner. This option is meant for family ancestors, deceased loved ones, karmic debtors, wandering spirits and unborn children.

报名方式 | Registration

Whatsapp (9639 2440)

电话| Landline (6474 3926)

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