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报恩寺筹款活动 | A Poh Ern Shih Fundraising Initiative

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

活动简介 | Introduction




Poh Ern Shih’s premise has over 70 years of history and due to the effects of weathering, we are currently renovating our second prayer hall on the 3rd floor.

This hall has not been in use for quite some time and when the works are completed, we will place mega statues of Gautama Buddha, Medicine Buddha and Amitabha in the hall. The refreshed space will then serve as Poh Ern Shih’s second venue for pujas.

To help fund this project, we are selling meditation mats at $50 per piece. Each piece is sealed and new, limited to 100 pieces for sale. Please support us in providing everyone an ideal space to practise! 😊

翻新现况 | Renovation progress

感恩护持报恩寺!| Thank you for supporting us!

Whatsapp (9639 2440)

电话| Landline (6474 3926)

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