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慈悲地藏宝忏2022全年法会 | Ksitigarbha Compassion, Repentance and Ancestral Remembrance Puja 2022

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

《慈悲地藏宝忏》简介 | About the Puja











The Puja is based on the Buddhist script <Compassionate Ksitigarbha Repentance Rituals>. Developed during the Ming Dynasty, it combines the teachings of multiple Buddhist scriptures about Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. The intention was to recommend a series of ceremonial rituals for Buddhists to participate and over time gain insights into their practice in relation to how they have been living their lives.

Specifically, practitioners are expected to sincerely repent on individuals acts arising from the 3 poisons (delusion, greed & aversion), and also empathetically repent on behalf of beings in the realms of animals, ghosts and humans. In doing so, they are able to cleanse their karmic balance, develop compassion for all sentient beings and progress further in their cultivation.

法会详情|Puja Details


*Note: Deceased individuals listed on a Big Tablet must have blood relations with you i.e. either a direct family member or relative. If you wish to bless a deceased friend, an animal/pet which passed on, or even an old neighbour who's no longer around, please register for a Small Tablet instead. You can also bless deceased members of your direct family or deceased relatives via the Small Tablet as well.

报名方式 | Registration

Whatsapp (9639 2440)

电话| Landline (6474 3926)


Q1: 会不会限制可以登记的供养选项组合吗?| Is there a limitation to the categories I can register for?

A1: 不会限制。分组别只是为了让大家更容易明白法会的各种供养选项。| There are no limitations. Categorisation is solely meant to facilitate the understanding of various options for the Puja.

Q2: 《地藏忏悔消灾法会》和《慈悲地藏宝忏》全年法会有什么不同?| What is the difference between this Puja and the <Ksitigarbha Repentance &Negative Karma Elimination Puja> ?

A2: 根本上很相像,只不过《地藏忏悔消灾法会》比较短(两小时左右),而《慈悲地藏宝忏》法会时间比较长(七小时左右)。因此前者产生的功德比较适合为登记者消灾,而《慈悲地藏宝忏》法会产生的功德比较大,因此除了能为自己消灾,也适合为往生者超荐。| Both are fundamentally very similar. The main difference is the duration of the Puja i.e. <Ksitigarbha Repentance &Negative Karma Elimination Puja> is shorter at around 2 hours, while <Ksitigarbha Compassion, Repentance and Ancestral Remembrance Puja> is much longer at around 7 hours. Therefore, the merit produced for the former is more suitable for blessing living individuals, while the latter is also suitable for individual blessing, AND additionally suitable for blessing those who have passed on.

Q3: 大牌位和小牌位的区别在哪里?| What is the difference between big and small tablets?

A3: 每个大牌位将会摆在法会专用的桌上,并有专属的供斋与供品。而小牌位是贴在木板墙上,供品与斋菜是共享的。由于每个人的经济能力不同,所以本寺也设了小牌位以方便更多善信们登记。最重要的还是诚心与信心。| Big tablets are placed on the prayer table and each tablet has its own dedicated offerings. Small tablets are placed on wooden wall boards and the offerings are shared. We understand the reality of different financial standings amongst our fellows and so offer the small tablets to give more people access to the Puja. At the end of the day, sincerity and confidence in the Dharma matters the most.

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