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药师琉璃光如来消灾延寿大法会|Medicine Buddha Blessing Puja 2023

供养时期|Offering periods

登记选项|Offering options

《八供》供养药师佛 | 8 Offerings to Medicine Buddha - $398

《八供》里的供品 (饮水、浴水、花、香、灯、香水、食物、乐) 代表着我们在这世界上所拥有的一切 (色、声、香、味、触)。当我们在佛菩萨前供养这些物品的时候,我们是在象征性地把我们的一切奉献给三宝,并为自己和众生累计福德资粮。但更重要的目的是让自己的身、语、意得到清净并向三轮体空的正行迈进一步。

Items included in the 8 Offerings (drinking water, bathing water, flowers, incense, light, perfume, food, music) represent all our senses in this world (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). Therefore, 8 Offerings symbolically means we offer the totality of our existence and possessions to the Dharma, with the sincere intention to purify our thoughts, words and actions. This also helps bring merits to ourselves and all sentient beings, and move all of us closer towards Enlightenment.

供养药师经轮灯 | Medicine Buddha Dharma Wheel Light - from $20

供佛 | Offering to Buddha - from $20

供寿桃寿面 | Longevity peach & noodles - $20

供水果花篮 | Fruit and flowers - $38

供如意斋 | Vegetarian meal- $100

供养善信们的名字将记录在如意斋条上。 Each registrant's name will be recorded on a Prosperity Strip。

供油灯 | Oil lamp - $118 (个人|Individual); $148(合家|Group)

供灯 | Light offering - $10

报名方式 | Registration

Order on Whatsapp Catalog:

Chat on Whatsapp (9639 2440)

电话| Landline (6474 3926)

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