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新加坡九华山报恩寺地藏忏悔消灾法会2022|Poh Ern Shih Ksitigarbha Repentance &Negative Karma Elimination Puja 2022


2022年地藏消灾法会以开始接受报名。如有意参加、护持,请参考以下的更多详情,并通过本寺的Whatsapp(9639 2440) 或电话(6474 3926) 报名参加。祝大家吉祥如意!阿弥陀佛。

Happy Lunar New Year! If you've set some goals to achieve this new year, or simply want to receive blessings for good health and overall prosperity, you'll not want to miss this upcoming Puja. While giving generously and being compassionate form the basics, there will be times when our negative karma arise to hinder us. This is where the merit of taking part in or sponsoring Pujas can come in to negate the ill effects. The more one does this, the more balanced their karma can be, and the smoother things may be.

Because of its monthly recurring nature throughout the year, the Ksitigarbha Repentance and Negative Karma Elimination Puja is a particularly popular Puja amongst Poh Ern Shih's visitors. If you are interested, please find more information below and register either via Whatsapp (9639 2440) or landline (6474 3926). Amitofo.

法会详情|Puja Details


Q: 《单名》,《合家》,《供佛》与《忏悔灯》之间有什么不同?|What's the difference between each of the options?


  • 只有登记《忏悔灯》的信众们在法会上将有一盏油灯来代表他们。油灯会记上登记者的姓名。《单名》,《合家》和《供佛》的登记者不会有油灯。 Only registrants of the <Repentance Lamp> will have an oil lamp represent them at the Puja. Each lamp will display a registrant's full name.

  • 登记《单名》或《合家》的信众将以“功德主”的身份参加法会。登记者的姓名会记录在《佛天赐福文疏》里。法会开始时师傅会把文疏摆放在佛菩萨前,让佛菩萨检阅。 Registrants of <Single> or <Family> are considered Puja donors i.e. individuals who come together to make the Puja possible. They will have their full names recorded in a scared, procedural script, which will be presented to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at the start of the Puja.

  • 只有登记《供佛》的信众们,将由师傅在法会开始时向佛菩萨一一上报登记者的姓名。 Only for registrants of <Offering to the Buddha>, in addition to having their names recorded in the procedural script, the Puja master will also recite each registrant's name to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at the start of the Puja.

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