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大愿地藏王菩萨诞辰|Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Birthday 2023

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焰口 | Compassionate offering to beings in ghost realm (specifically those whose mouths are on fire) - $20

Q: 什么是蒙山和焰口?它们的差别在哪里?| What is Meng Shan and Yan Kou? What is the difference between the two?

A: 从佛教的法会程序来说,蒙山与焰口有各自的仪轨。但它们背后的含义是一样的:都是要度脱这些众生,让它们早日离苦得乐。蒙山的下施对象是鬼道众生,而焰口的对象是饿鬼道众生。由于饿鬼道众生的嘴有剧烈的火焰,所以需要焰口的仪轨来让它们的嘴吧暂时停止吐火,好让它们可以进食。当这些众生因为法会而心境暂时得到舒缓时,它们就更能听闻佛法并往解脱迈进。因此,护持蒙山和焰口的功德不可思议!

During a Puja, Meng Shan and Yan Kou each has its own specific ritual. Nevertheless, the intention is the same: to guide beings in the lower realms towards Enlightenment. While through Meng Shan we offer food to beings in the Ghost Realm, through Yan Kou we do the same but specifically towards Hungry Ghosts. Due to their past deeds, these beings' mouths are permanently on fire, making it impossible for them to feed, which is why they are always hungry. Yan Kou temporarily removes the fire and enables the beings to finally receive nourishment. This gives them comfort (Meng Shan does the same too), which encourages them to take in the Buddha's teachings (through reciting scriptures at the Puja) and start gaining enough merit to leave the lower realms. Therefore, registering for Meng Shan or Yan Kou is a very compassionate deed that generates a lot of good merit not just for the lower realm beings but definitely also for yourself!

地藏王菩萨全年莲花灯 | Annual Lotus Light - $180

2023年农历七月廿九开始 ---> 2024年农历七月廿八截止 Starts on 13 September 2023; ends on 31 August 2024


Registration open to individuals, groups and companies

供大悲咒灯 | Great Compassion Mantra Light - $20

供佛 | Offering to Buddha - $20

供寿桃寿面 | Longevity peach & noodles - $20

供水果花篮 | Fruit and flowers - $38

供如意斋 | Vegetarian meal- $100

供养善信们的名字将记录在如意斋条上。 Each registrant's name will be recorded on a Prosperity Strip。

报名方式 | Registration

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