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梁皇宝忏与佛像开光大法会|Emperor Liang Repentance Sutra Puja & Buddha Statue Consecration Ceremony 2022


佛像开光当日记录 | Images from Buddha Statue Consecration Ceremony

8 Dec 2022|壬寅年冬月十五

法会简介 | Introduction


Over the past few months, Poh Ern Shih has been renovating our premise and refurbishing our second prayer hall on the 3rd floor. To commemorate this new chapter in over 70 years of the temple's history, we are organising one of the most sacred Pujas in Buddhism: the Emperor Liang Repentance Sutra Puja, as well as a Buddha statue consecration ceremony to place and bless the statues of Gautama Buddha, Medicine Buddha and Amitabha in the new prayer hall.

梁皇宝忏的缘起 | The Origins of Emperor Liang Repentance Sutra




因此,《梁皇宝忏》从梁朝流传至今一千余年,学佛行人若能依此忏文虔诚礼拜、惭愧忏悔,并检讨改过,以慈悲、智慧的法水洗净愆尤,必得佛陀慈光加被,自然业障消除,善根增长,身心清净,平安吉祥。--- 取自于《佛弟子文库》

The Emperor Liang Repentance was compiled by the Zen Master Pao-chih and ten other honorable monks. This text was so named because it originated from the Emperor himself. A devoted Buddhist, Emperor Wu (of the Liang Dynasty) took the Bodhisattva precepts during the second year of his reign, and abided to them strictly for the rest of his life. In addition to building many temples and hosting numerous Dharma services, he also studied the teachings of Buddha extensively during his life time. Thereupon, he was also known as the Bodhisattva Emperor. On the other hand, the emperor’s first wife, Queen Chi, was a jealous and temperamental woman. Her thoughts and words were also extremely wicked.

Due to this, she reborn as a python after her death at age thirty. Despite being in animal form, she was still conscious of the karmic causes in her past life as Queen Chi. During the second year of his rule, Queen Chi visited the Emperor one night at the palace. At first, the Emperor did not recognise the snake was his deceased wife. The Queen then revealed her identity and told him why she had assumed the body of a python. She also made known her current sufferings and confessed all the bad deeds she had ever committed to the Emperor. Queen Chi begged him to rescue her from extreme misery.

Upon learning the truth, Emperor Wu immediately invited Zen master Pao-chih and other honorable monks to write a repentance text for the Queen, in accordance to the teachings within Buddhist sutras and the essentials of confessing one’s sins. Shortly after the repentance service, Queen Chi, dressed in high-topped hat and red gown, revisited the Emperor and said “I am here with gratitude. With the aid of Buddha’s strength, I was able to shed the body of a python and be reborn in the Celestial Realms."

The merit one accumulates from the repentance is inconceivable and beyond ordinary comprehension. Henceforth, Emperor Wu’s repentance Puja has become one of the most popular and widespread repentance services because it benefits both the living and the dead. Today, it is still being held regularly across the world.

供养选项|Offering Options

Merit owner series | 功德主系列

大功德主 | Primary merit owner - $5,000

8个消灾名子 | 8 names to be blessed 历代祖先 + 8个超度名字 | Ancestors + 8 names of deceased for bardo service

吉祥德主 | Prosperous merit owner - $3,000

6个消灾名子 | 6 names to be blessed 历代祖先 + 6个超度名字 | Ancestors + 6 names of deceased for bardo service

功德主 | Common merit owner - $1,000

4个消灾名子 | 4 names to be blessed 历代祖先 + 4个超度名字 | Ancestors + 4 names of deceased for bardo service

Ordinary options | 其他选项

个人消灾 | Individual blessing - $20

供大悲咒灯 | Compassion Mantra Light Offering - $80

供如意斋 | Vegetarian meal offering - $300

超荐一位 (历代祖先/往生莲位/冤亲债主/十方无主孤魂/婴灵) | Bardo service for one name (Ancestors/Deceased individual/Karmic Debtors/Wandering Spirits/Unborn Child) - $20

焰口 | Compassionate Offering to beings in the Flaming Mouths realm - $20

报名方式 | Registration

Whatsapp (9639 2440)

电话| Landline (6474 3926)

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