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清明报恩孝亲法会|Qingming Festival Puja 2023


登记选项|Offering options

Category A | A组 General offering options. Suitable for yourself, other individuals or group of loved ones | 一般供养选项。适合为自己,他人或合家登记

Category B | B组 Big tablet for family ancestors and 2 specific indivduals who passed on OR 4 specific individuals who passed on (if family ancestors are not included). Each tablet has a dedicated spot at the prayers table, accompanying vegetarian meal and other offerings | 大牌位超荐一桌,供养斋菜及其他供品。可超荐历代祖先及一对先人,或四位先人(如果不登记历代祖先)


*Note: Deceased individuals listed on a Big Tablet must have blood relations with you i.e. either a direct family member or relative. If you wish to bless a deceased friend, an animal/pet which passed on, or even an old neighbour who's no longer around, please register for a Small Tablet listed below instead. You can also bless deceased members of your direct family or deceased relatives via the Small Tablet as well.

Category C | C组 Small tablet with specific options| 小牌位超荐

报名方式 | Registration

Whatsapp (9639 2440)

电话| Landline (6474 3926)

Examples of offerings

供灯 | Light Offering - $10

供佛 | Offering to Buddha - $20

供寿桃寿面 | Longevity peach & noodles - $20

供水果花篮 | Fruit and flowers - $38

供如意斋 | Vegetarian meal- $100

供养善信们的名字将记录在如意斋条上。 Each registrant's name will be recorded on a Prosperity Strip。

大牌位超荐 | Big Ancestral Tablet - $85

大牌位超荐一桌,提供斋菜及供品。可超荐历代祖先及先人。 This option is for family ancestors and loved ones who had passed on. Each tablet has a dedicated spot on the prayers table and accompanying vegetarian meal and other offerings.

小牌位超荐 | Small Ancestral Tablet - $15


The small tablet does not have a dedicated spot. Instead, the tablets will be placed on wood boards, while offerings are placed on the prayers table in a co-sharing manner. This option is meant for family ancestors, deceased loved ones, karmic debtors, wandering spirits and unborn children.


Q1: 会不会限制可以登记的供养选项组合吗?| Is there a limitation to the categories I can register for?

A1: 不会限制。分组别只是为了让大家更容易明白法会的各种供养选项。| There are no limitations. Categorisation is solely meant to facilitate the understanding of various options for the Puja.

Q2: 大牌位和小牌位的区别在哪里?| What is the difference between big and small tablets?

A2: 每个大牌位将会摆在法会专用的桌上,并有专属的供斋与供品。而小牌位是贴在木板墙上,供品与斋菜是共享的。由于每个人的经济能力不同,所以本寺也设了小牌位以方便更多善信们登记。最重要的还是诚心与信心。| Big tablets are placed on the prayer table and each tablet has its own dedicated offerings. Small tablets are placed on wooden wall boards and the offerings are shared. We understand the reality of different financial standings amongst our fellows and so offer the small tablets to give more people access to the Puja. At the end of the day, sincerity and confidence in the Dharma matters the most.

Q3: 这么多种选项, 该选哪个?| With multiple offering options available, how should I go about choosing them?

A3: 可以依照自己的经济能力选择。如果非得选,可以考虑为冤亲债主和历代祖先登记小牌位!|Your choice can depend on your economic situation. Minimally, it's best to register a small tablet for Karmic Debtors and Family Ancestors each.


Regardless of offering type, what matters most is sincerity. If one carries a sincere intention to pay tribute and help sentient beings, the divine will surely protect the person. That is not to say one cannot pray for their personal wishes to come true, and if we can expand these wishes to include praying for the well-being of all sentient beings, then the effect may be better. Compassion and empathy for others, not just for oneself, is key.

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